Friday, November 23, 2012

Retirement plan

My sister's best friend was with us the other day from the US. She is on a business trip. She came together with her husband. They are also planning to put up a branch of their shipping company here at our place. They were even inviting us to invest. I don't know if my sister would join them. As for me, I can't because I’m saving for a house from a real estate. A property located in a vast green land which is very close to nature, where I plan to live after retirement. I know I still have a long way to go but it doesn't matter because I still have a long time to save, I’m not yet that old anyway. The house is very much appropriate for us. It has three bedrooms two bathroom, large kitchen living room, dining room and basements. The attic is not yet complete and when we buy it we can make that as an office room. The corridor floor is with marble stones. It has also a winter garden and a clean flowery garden, which I plan for a remake that i found some great designs. I also like the location of the house is just near the city, a lake and the mountain area. The place is really perfect for sound convenient living with environmentally friendly surroundings.


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