Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Our Give Away

My friend invited us to a night out at her house last weekend. It’s been a while since I saw my friends. We have been so busy these past days. We really made a point we can go to hang out with each other. It was a fun night, telling stories over some wine and cheese. Because we appreciated my friend’s custom shot glasses with their company logo printed on the glasses, he end up giving each one of us his treasure which his company gave during the Holidays. They were really cute and the logo belongs to the big five companies in the country. It was a nice give away!

My gift lists

I went to sleep late last night because my sister asked me to scout at for diptyque scented candles. I find the website very interesting and so I listed some gifts for the holidays. I didn't notice that it was already late in the evening and so I had only 6 hours sleep and very sleepy when I went to work this morning. Good thing I went home early and took a nap for two hours and it was worth it since my dinner was already prepared by my sister when she came home. We had a great dinner and now eating the yummy dessert as we watch tv at the same time typing this post.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The reward

My sister told me that she wanted to have a chocolate jewelryand I suggested her to shop at the chocolate store. She laughed and told me that it is a real jewelry. She showed me the sample picture of the jewelry and they are really very wonderful. She said she have saved an amount to buy the jewelry as a gift to herself. She is right anyway, she worked hard the whole year and she should reward herself too. Speaking of gifts, did you start making your gift shopping list already?

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