Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wish granted

I chatted last weekend with my friend and talked about her stay in Las Vegas. She is very happy to have a grand vacation after a very stressful year. Now that she left her former work and landed in a new exciting work field she has now more time for herself and her family. She really wishes for a vegas vacation and she planned completely her itineraries from booking the hotel to the scenic spot she wants to visit. I reminded her too not to forget to visit the Chippendales show lol!
Anyway, on our chat yesterday, she is already ready for her grand vacation and she loves her comfortable hotel room. The foods were great too and she showed me some photos of her hotel and the restaurant. She has also a capture of the city lights outside her hotel. She has a lot of plans to visit including parks and recreation area. Of course shopping is in the list too. She will also meet some friends and former schoolmates that serve as their reunion. The most exciting on her trip is to visit her relatives in Reno.

I am looking forward to her many stories soon and I am happy for her that finally she has found her new life for having so much free time now. As they say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and so every one of us need for some break from daily stress of life and give ourselves a reward after working that hard.

The wish

It's my first time to hear about this cubase at guitar center which is the wish gift of my nephew. I am not sure if I can grant his wish. I just learned it from his mom and if it is really necessary to have it maybe I will help contribute to his parents. For the meantime he has still his guitar which is not yet old. What more important is he will concentrate more on his studies.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Last week tea time

Last week I sorted out a lot of things that we don’t need any more from clothing, shoes, and electronics to kitchen wares. I phoned my sister in law to come over to look which of those things are still useful and she can sell it online or in their garage sale. My sister in law is the business woman in the family. So yesterday she came for a visit and was delighted with the things I sorted out. She brought them everything on her car. After that we had a little chat over a cup of tea and cookies. She mentioned about her eldest son who just hired from an industrial company. I'm happy for her and her son.

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