Sunday, October 19, 2014

The reward

My sister told me that she wanted to have a chocolate jewelryand I suggested her to shop at the chocolate store. She laughed and told me that it is a real jewelry. She showed me the sample picture of the jewelry and they are really very wonderful. She said she have saved an amount to buy the jewelry as a gift to herself. She is right anyway, she worked hard the whole year and she should reward herself too. Speaking of gifts, did you start making your gift shopping list already?

The company party

Next week we will have a meeting about our late company october fest and we are assigned to look for rented audio visual materials including zakk wylde guitars. I have more days to scout for a lender shop so I can confirm it to our meeting soon. I am happy that the assigned task to us this year is not so complicated as the last past years. I just hope that all our preparations will be successful soon and mostly all of us will enjoy the october fest party.

Autumn days

This autumn vacation my brother in law and his wife will be going for a hiking weekend. So last week we went shopping for jackets and hiking shoes at the outlet shop. I am not aware that there is big sport outlet shop in the city. It was my first time there and what attracted me so much is the diving pool created at the center of the big shop which anyone can try out their diving apparels. Another one is the long staircase where hikers can try their hiking, running or jogging shoes or bags. It was really cool discovering the shop.

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