Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Starting a new

My friend who has been based in New York sent me an email last Friday. It was one of the longest emails I have ever received since I learned the use of the electronic mail. But I dont blame her for writing that long. We have not been in contact for almost two years now. She wrote about almost all her happy, embarrassing, wacky, and unpleasant experiences in the big apple.

We really need to take time to update each other. When she finally decided to accept the offer of a multinational company based in new york, she took the heart to face the challenges that she will surely encounter in the city that never sleeps. During her fist few months, we would always find ways to update each other. Until we got too busy with our own stuff that we rarely took time to communicate.

We both went online for a chat last Sunday. When I told her that another friend of ours is now in Boston, she dropped her news like a bomb! She is getting married two months from now! She requested her superiors to transfer her to their office in Boston because she will be settling there with her husband to be. She was even asking me to help her transacts a moving truck thru the help of our other friend because she is planning to move her stuff earlier than their wedding date. So, I called up our friend in Boston who is miraculously not busy. She also went online to chat with us. We chatted for the whole day just updating one another.


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