Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wedding surprise

My good friend Paul who has been the big brother that I never had is getting married to another good friend of mine, Ellaine on the 28th day of this month. I have been helping them with their wedding preparations since October. November last year, Paul was contemplating whether he will buy Ellaine's choice of wedding rings which are far more costly than his choice or he will just talk to her about it, explaining they are being short of cash, but he didn't want to disappoint his bride to be. I told him to give me a day to try something to help them.

The next day, when we met, I surprised Paul with a 25% discount card from the jewelry store. I could not describe how his face lighted up with delight when I gave him the card. He was so thankful because he is sure Ellaine will not be disappointed. And where did I get the discount card? That is a secret I can't disclose!


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