Thursday, January 10, 2008

Onion-flavored popcorn

My brother-in-law appeared on our doorstep at seven o'clock last night asking for onion-flavored popcorn. My sister who is two weeks pregnant was craving for that particular flavored popcorn. I checked our cupboard but found nothing. My mom suggested we should look for it in the grocery or convenience store. So, I accompanied my brother-in-law for the search of onion-flavored popcorn. We look for it in every store where we passed by but found nothing. After an hour of searching, I decided to call my sister to ask where the hell did she ever encountered that kind of popcorn. She was laughing when she told me, from the amusement park located two towns away from our place. The next thing I knew, we are on our way to that amusement park. Good thing the park closes at ten in the evening. I was jumping while clapping my hands when I saw the popcorn machine with pictures of onions. We bought almost all the contents of the machine!

After which, my brother-in-law drove me home and gave me some of the popcorn. My mom liked it and she told me to buy again the next day!


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