Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Love you mom

Since I am living so many miles away from my mom, I just whisper my prayer for her on birthday and also sending her some yellow roses which is her favorite flower. I will thank the Lord for having a mom like her. And asked him to look with mercy and love upon my mother. Reward her untiring generosity, her love, her care to us her children. May he bless her with health of body, peace of soul, happiness of family, and the bountiful grace of God. May he give her the joy of mother’s heart that her children may grow in wisdom and grace before God and men. I may not be with her on special day but she knows how much we love and care for her. Everyday I talk to her though sms and one a week a call her. She never fails to give her reminders and advices and that I know how much she love us her children. To you mom thank you for being my mom, for always been there to strengthen my faith when I am about to give up, thank you for being the wind beneath my wings, and most of all for giving me life to be on this world.


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