Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Business work

Last night my mom was preparing my dad's business attire. He will be attending the annual business entrepreneurs’conference. When I read the invitation, it indicated that they will wear strictly formal attire. They will be also accommodated in a luxurious. I checked out the venue’s website and I was amazed how wonderful the place is. I'm sure the conference will be enjoyable and exciting with the comfort and elegance each participants will experience. I asked my dad to solicit more information about the venue when he will be there so we can have a vacation in there too. Our conversation was interrupted when my mom asked me to buy tomorrow the cufflinks for my dad's long sleeves shirts. I asked her what are those and she explained how it looked like and how it work. Still curious about it, I also made a research in thru the internet for cufflinks. So when I went to buy them, I was pretty sure with what I was telling the saleslady. It’s hard when you don’t know what you are buying. On weekend will be the conference and my dad's suit is now ready. We wished him to enjoy the conference but he said they are going there to work.


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