Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring garden

One of the favorite place I like to visit during Spring season is in Amsterdam. Aside from cheese, Holland is rich with bulbs that bloom. I love returning to this park called Keukenhof, the most photographed location in the world and the most beautiful spring garden on earth. The park has more than 7 million flowering bulbs, which are planted by hand each year. To give you a clear idea about the spring garden here are some trivia I got about the park.

In the 15th century the area on which Keukenhof was streched os unspoilt nature used for hunting and for gathering herbs for the kitchen at the castles. Hence the name keukenhof means kitchen garden. The park is 32 hectares. For a visit to keukenhof you need approximately 5 hours.Keukenhof receives over 700,000 national and international visitors annually. A bridal pair is always welcome at keukenhof during the opening hours of the park. A bridal pair, with photographer and bridesmaids, has free acess. The layout of the park is based on english landscape garden. The flower garden was the idea in 1949 of a town mayor to have a flower exhibit where growers from all over the netherlands and europe could show off their hybrids. According to research the park is the most photographed location in the world. The theme for Spring 2007 is the 300th birth years of the swedish physian and botanist Carolus Linnaeus, the king of flowers.


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