Monday, April 19, 2010

Love for money

I went out with my guy best friend who is currently working as a team leader in their company.He invited me to have a dinner date with him. He had just got one of his incentives pay for the year. A reward for people who works hard, as he called it. Before, he was tempting me to resign with my job to join him in their company. He was even tempting me with a high position immediately after being hired. Money is in marketing, not in accounting is philosophy that's why he abandoned his being an accountant in lieu of a high marketing position in their company. Taking it as a challenge at first, he grabbed the opportunity in the marketing parlance. He is the type of person who would always want to learn something new that's why he accepted the offer, aside from the challenge, he confessed that the salary together with the incentives made him say yes. I was reciting to him the expression, “Love for money is the root of Evil” He just laugh while “I don't love money. In fact I despise it, that's why I am always spending it, or giving them to the beggar.“ He and his irrational reasoning! Sometimes you want to drown him in his own saliva.


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