Saturday, March 06, 2010

Making Miracles with Hands

When my mom decided to let our kitchen be renovated, she said she will be the one to supervise it. But due to her busy schedule, I was the one tasked to do the supervision. Almost an hour ago, I watch the construction people put on some Franke sinks and new tiles on the sink and I was amazed. They have mastered the art of putting things into their exact places accurately. I am not really into the interior decorating stuff or something about construction or whatever you call it you see, I don’t even know what exactly to call that stuff. I actually skipped woodshop in high school. LOL! As far as I can remember, I enrolled in basic accounting that time. While my classmates were all enjoying furniture or miniature tables and chairs, I was using my calculator in balancing amounts. But this time, I envy those people who can work and make miracles with their hands.


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