Friday, March 05, 2010

Looking Back

My granny was seated on her couch when I arrived at her house. I promised her I pay her a visit as often as I can. I am close to her because she was the one whom I grew up with. My parents had been always working. Anyway, she was looking at some faded black and white pictures on an old photo album. Since, most of the pictures are not clear anymore, she wished handy camcorder were invented back then so that she can still vividly see the memories in her past. LOL!

I just thought that sometimes, it’s nice to look back somewhere along the timeline of your life. It is fun to reminisce those events that made you smile, laugh and giggled. Though you may see unpleasant memories that can still make you sad, I guess the more important thing is not about the feeling of sadness but the lesson you learned from the unpleasant things in the past. Man, I am feeling inspirational lately! LOL!


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