Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baking time

My aunt went here last week to talk to my mom about the recipe that my mom invented. My aunt also wants to try the new recipe. But she doesn’t have the complete baking equipment to cook the recipe I told her to buy some baking equipments at the shop where we also bought the wire racks and cookie sheets. She thanked me on the information that I gave her. I told her that they also sell kitchen wares, knives, cake tins, loaf tins, muffin trays, cook wares, bins and bar wares for bartending and with a free delivery My mom gave the recipe to my aunt. I was eating the finished product of my mom’s invented recipe. It’s delicious and it’s not too sweet. It’s nice for the person who is dieting. It doesn’t much have calories. My aunt also took some of the recipe and she said it’s perfect. She said that my uncle will love the recipe. It’s for diabetic people it’s not too sweet and not it don’t have too much carbohydrates. I will post the recipe on my blog if I have already taken the picture of the finished product.


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