Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Because of last year's job well done, we are all awarded an incentive package which includes a 1% stock distribution with a pre emptive right, guaranteed car loan from a local bank with low interest and a family health insurance for each of us who is at the low management level. It all justified our many efforts last year. This year, we have to double our efforts because the board has higher expectations from us. I know it would be hard work again, but it doesn’t really matter. I love my job so much that all I want for the company is the best and it would follow the best for us all. In relation with the company’s success we will organized a gift giving in far schools and make some donations too. According from our meeting the other day, we will provide the school youth some educational supplies. It was a great idea from the boards that they wanted to share their blessings to other. As the chairman told us on his speech that we should live in this world with the motto the more we give the more we receive.


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