Sunday, December 09, 2012

Family time

We had a small talked with my SIL while ago about her trip last week. She works in a advertising company.She left the city at exactly 6 in the evening. Her two and a half air travel went smoothly. Around nine in the evening she was already sleeping on her hotel bed which has one of the most comfortable bed she ever slept on. And because of that, she over slept for 2 hours! She thought she was going to be late for her meeting with a new client. But she was just on time. The meeting progressed well. Her client had a good sense of humor which made both of them feel at ease during their conversation. They close the deal the next day. After their meeting, she went straight to the nearest town for existing client’s visitation. It was a tiring day but it didn't matter because she slept on a very comfortable bed. She just made sure she won't over sleep again. I joked her about her funny client and she admitted that that the man is her constant caller now. They agreed to see each other next week and start dating. I hope my SIL will find her right man because she is already in a marrying age. She had a lot of relationships before but she didn’t find what she’s looking for. I wished her a lot of luck and hopefully this is her time already.


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