Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday that was

Last sunday, we spend it at my in-law’s place. My mother in-law baked different cakes like apple, strawberry, peach, and even a whiskey cake. So the tea time was great tasting all the delicious cakes and a refreshing tea. I have also the chance to talk to my sister in law which I haven’t seen for a long time because of her busy wok that needs a lot of business trips. Because of that she has no time for a relationship. She asked my opinion on how she can have a date or a relationship with her kind of job. I told her just takes her time since she's still young and enjoys her singleness. The right time will come for her right man or her partner in life. Maybe that time she is already fully ready to enter into marriage life physically, emotionally and financially. We ended the day by helping mother in law washed the dishes and arranged back in order the things we used in the dinning area. I went home bringing some pieces of cakes too.


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