Thursday, September 20, 2012

Modern gadgets

Waking up very early in the morning is the least I like. Good thing my breakfast are already prepared by my mom. How I wish the time will come that I will have to stay in bed till the time I wanted to wake up. Anyway, my day was great and thank God I reached my work with no traffic jam. When I met my department head this morning on the hallway, he told me we’ll be having in the afternoon a short meeting.

Two things came to my mind. One is the desire to be the secretary for the meeting and the way on how to get to the conference room ahead of the others. During our department’s short meetings, every staff wants to be the secretary of the meeting. Why? because as a secretary, you need to document the meeting using the latest touch screen. It’s really cool!

To my disappointment, somebody came first ahead of me! And my chance of becoming the secretary for the meeting dropped to zero. Hmmm... Maybe next time on our seminar I’ll just buy the brand new ipad for myself instead! Will see if I have a budget for it. LOL


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