Friday, May 20, 2011

Goodbye and thank you

Yesterday was the last day of work for my boss. Her three year term of being our business development manager has come to an end. She’ll be going back to our main office in Australia tomorrow. Me and an officemate constructed a farewell party for her after office hours. We made a send off power point presentation which made everyone shed some tears, especially her. We will surely miss her.

After that, all had the chance to say his farewell messages. I thanked her for the wonderful working relationship with her. She was not only a boss to us. She was also a friend and a mother. When I told her, she was my favourite boss, she answered, I am your only boss. I should be your favourite!

On her closing speech she thank us a lot for being a wonderful and nice colleague and that she will miss us a lot specially when we have office parties, get together,and office outings. She also wish us good luck and hope that we can have still a great work relationship with our new boss. And she assured us that our new boss is also a nice and friendly one.


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