Sunday, September 05, 2010

Life is game

My younger sister is at the crossroad in her life. She feels that she is not happy with her life in the corporate world. Sure thing that she earns a lot but the pressure is so high that she can not do the things that she is passionate about, anymore. She is thinking of changing careers but she is hesitant because of time and practicality reasons. I was talking to her the other night and I told her, that in every decision that one makes, she is taking a risk.

Life is full choices and these choices affect our life in the future. Making big decisions are often times scary because you don’t know what exactly will happen next. Sure, you know the consequences of your actions, but not the exact consequence. Like in playing a slot machine, you don’t know if you’ll get the same three cherries or not. But still, you try your luck while hoping for a win. If you won, you are happy, if not, you should still be happy because you enjoyed the game.


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