Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Strong determination

I met my high school buddy this afternoon while undergoing my annual physical/medical exam. She was the medical assistant in one of the clinics. I though she was the attending doctor who was assigned to me. She smiled at me when I started telling her my health history. She told me she is not yet a medical doctor because she didn’t pass the board exam for doctors. She had to work three part time to save money for the next board examination.

I am amazed by her determination. I know she is getting through a lot but here she is, working her way out where she had fallen. She told me there is no way she is giving up her dream of becoming a medical doctor. I remember how she planned for this career when we were in high school. She would always concentrate and work hard when it comes to our Science subjects like Biology and Chemistry. I know how hard she had worked to attain her goal but I am more proud of her not giving up on her dreams. I’m sure she could make it this time. More than anybody else, she deserves to become a doctor and help people.


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