Friday, July 09, 2010


We visited my aunt last weekend to celebrate her sixty fifth birthday. It was a family reunion because almost all of our relatives came. We had a simple dinner where in we ourselves prepared and cooked. We stayed at her house for the evening while bonding with the whole family.

The next day she surprised us when she showed us her lamp collections at a secret room in her house. I remember when I was a kid, I lived with her for a year and I witnessed how she and my uncle multiplied, cared and fix their lamp collection. My late uncle, her husband started stocking old table and desk lamps he got from where he worked until they got fond of accumulating different kinds of lamps. They would see to it that they buy lamps when they travel. It’s amazing to see her one hundred twenty eight lamps. Seeing them neatly arranged from the oldest to the modern designed was like a time travel. I’m jut so happy my aunt is continuing the legacy of her late husband. I wonder if I can contribute to her collection soon.


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