Saturday, May 22, 2010

Will see

Lately, a fellow phoned me if we want to buy our own house because their neighbor's house is on sale. I said right away no because when that will pursue they would be my neighbors, no way! That was just what I thought at the back of my mind. And one thing we are going to consider some credit counseling. We need to plan first and decide well because buying a house is not an easy task especially when credit has something to do with it. Financial problems are hard times for me. It’s difficult to wake up every day. To go scratching for a living and when you receive the pay envelope, the first thing to do is to settle all bills on time. Everything seems to be collapsed and so many debts to meet. How will I come up with all of these? I need determination to continue this journey of trials and wisdom to use my meager wealth responsibly. Buying a house is also good since the payment for the rent will be pay for the house which is consider as my own property. I need to save more and we will just see.


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