Monday, May 10, 2010

Friends bonding

My friend who has been based now abroad sent me an email last week. It was one of the longest emails I have ever received from her. But I don’t blame her for writing that long. We have not been in contact for almost two months now. She wrote about almost all her happy, embarrassing, wacky, and unpleasant experiences she have. We really need to take time to update each other.

We both went online for a chat and I learned she enrolled in a culinary arts too. She wants to make her hobby a professional one that baking and decorating cakes. We used to bake before and I never learned how to bake. I envy her how she make her hobby a very interesting one. During college days she also join on the school baking contest and she won the big prize. Before she wishes to have her own cake shop. I also told him that one of our friend is also moving in their and she was very happy about it. She asked me if we can chat with our other friend. And so, I called up our friend who is miraculously not busy. She also went online to chat with us. We chatted for the whole day just updating one another.


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