Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For greener pasture

Hub's friend is relocating in London together with his family. I have just learn last week when I met them at SIL birthday bash. The man had an offer from his company to be transferred in their London's branch. All expenses shouldered by the company, including their home, and their children's education. The wife was hesitant at first to start a new life for her family. But with all the compensation the family acquired, she is now in full force to embrace another culture in a different land like London. Upon being stable there she will be looking for a job so she will not be bored. I recommended her to search the internet for some jobs offers. She thanked me a lot for that info I gave her and she promised me she will invite me for a vacation there. I told her why not if all the expenses will be paid by her, laughters bursted in the room.


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