Friday, March 19, 2010

Family clan

Last June my cousin was a june bride and got married her long time high school boyfriend along the beach of Caribbean. What a romantic scene it was. But before that grand day of the wedding both the couple were stress out in preparing everything from guest to where they will stay. They had chosen the beach because according to the couple, it was here they first meet. My cousin and her family where there for a vacation before. Same with the groom's family. Aside from being the best beaches worldwide the couple consider also as their ocean playground. They are both into snorkeling as their hobby. The reception was great and what I like most is the special giveaway they made.

Being one of the guests, I can say that we were all entertained well in our accommodation in one of the rental condos. Our room was directly with the ocean view and the best thing is we had a wifi internet connection. We spend a lot in the hot tub located at its deck. And most of all its also a fantastic family reunion. i hope we can have this family reunion once again this june eventhough we dont have any family occasion to celebrate. It just a time to bond with the relatives once a year.


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