Friday, November 20, 2009

A Day with Mom

Yesterday, I was on leave from work so I asked my mom to come with me and go unwind. We went to a beauty salon and had our hair trimmed, our nails cleaned and polished, then we went to get a massage on a spa. While at the spa my dad sent us a sms message asking if we could buy him some electrical supplies on our way home. Since we were at the mall, we went to buy what he was asking us to buy after the spa massage. Then we had lunch. We bought coffee for take out. We went home for a three hour movie marathon in my room. We finished the two movies just in time to get ready for dinner. It was a fun fun day with my mom. We were really happy we could unwind.


imelda said...

good for you to have a mom and daughter bonding.

btw, i have a tag for u here sis i hope ul thake this.

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