Sunday, October 19, 2008

"On Line"

I don't want to do the dishes,
I don't want to do the wash,
I sprinkled clothes a week ago
And now my iron is lost!

I don't wanna clean the pots,
I don't wanna rattle pans,
I wanna read my e-mail,
And chat with all my friends!

The table needs some dusting
and the floor could sure be mopped,
But I know if I get started
There'll be no place to stop.

The closets are so full
Things are falling off the shelves,
I wish for cleaning fairies
And magic laundry elves!

They could sprinkle fairy dust
And twitch their little nose,
And the windows would be sparkling
And I'd have no dirty clothes.

I don't know what I'm saying,
My head is in the sky,
I must cook that meat that's graying
And bake that apple pie!

My husband needs a flea bath,
The dog needs some attention...
Oh, the other way around I mean!
My brain is in suspension!

I am running round in circles,
I am getting nothing done,
I keep thinking of the internet,
I'm missing all the fun!

I know I'm not addicted
Though I hear that all the time,
But I guess this stuff will have to wait,
Cause today I'll be ON LINE!!!


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