Monday, October 06, 2008

Bible Q&A

Would like to know some funny Q&A in the bible?

Bible Questions and Answers

Q: Where is tennis mentioned in the Bible?
A: When Joseph served in Pharaoh's court.

Q: What man in the Bible had no parents?
A: Joshua, the sun of Nun.

Q: Who is the smallest man in the Bible?
A: Some people believe it was Zacchaeus. Others believe it
was Nehemiah, or Bildad the Shuhite. But in reality is was
Peter the disciple -- he slept on his watch.

Q: When was baseball mentioned in the Bible?
A: When Rebecca walked to the well with a pitcher.

Q: Why didn't they play cards on Noah's ark?
A: Because Noah sat on the deck.

Q: How did Jonah feel when the great fish swallowed him?
A: Down in the mouth.

Q: When is high finances mentioned in the Bible?
A: When Pharaoh's daughter took a little prophet from
the bulrushes.


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