Monday, February 18, 2008

The gold chain

There was this man who lost God in his life. His life had been a constant turmoil ever since he lost his mother during the war. He wanted to forget every bitter memory in his life. So he went on working hard and playing even harder! He made use of his money in all evil ways.

Then the time came when the Lord revealed Himself to this man. He lost all of his possessions in a gambling match. Since he had no home, he lived on the streets begging. One day, he saw a gold chain on the road. Thinking happily, he got the chain and went directly to the jewelry store to sell it. But jeweler refused to buy the gold chain. Instead, he gave the man a little prayer book which, when he read it, it was a guide on how to pray the rosary. The gold chain was a rosary but he didn’t even noticed. He cried and cried when he realized that it was a rosary that he was selling. Flashes of his life came back to him as he knelt down and ask God's forgiveness. Right there and then, he knew what to do with his life.


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