Monday, October 01, 2007

Cozy bedding

Times like this when everyday is raining so hard here. I love my meal with dried fish and sleeping in my cozy Bedding just like before. But I need to work and work. Before I can still manage to take a little nap during the afternoons. And so I just regain my sleep as early as possible at 9:30 pm. And I wake up around 8 am. Sleeping is my best medicine from day's stress. Before I go to bed I sip red wine while reading my favorite magazine. That is already a routine for me so I can sleep immediately. Thankfully, I dont have sleeping disodrers as long that I have a comfy bedding and a silent room I can reach dreamland and wake up a new day that reminds me every day is a miracle. By the way, I recommend this kind of cozy bedding as a personalized gift to your love ones this coming holiday. For more information visit


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