Sunday, August 12, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Our minds are constantly working, processing thousands of bits of information. Lists of things we need to do, decisions we are making, thoughts of people, relationships, events, duties, and schedules - all vie for our attention.

Amazingly, we usually manage to accomplish most, if not all, of what we need to do. But all this busyness may keep us moving so fast that our days slip by before we even notice.

We can fulfill all our obligations and still take time to find enjoyment in life. If we remember to focus on each present moment, we can discover many small pleasures; beautiful sounds, colors, smells, and tastes; silence; warmth; safety; smiles; hugs; beautiful thoughts and words. These simple pleasures, and many others, provide the joy in life.

"I am fully aware of and enjoy all the simple pleasures in my life."

Karma's Korner


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